Making the complex seem simple is the best challenge for creative thinkers. We’ve gone through and experienced differing models to arrive at what we’ve found to work across the board for the work we do.  It’s not a trade secret so we’ll share that process with you.
  1. Ask Questions — We collaboratively work as a team and with our clients to define the problem and understand what exactly to work on, what conditions and limitations will we encounter and understanding what we have to work with because resources should be applied proportionately.
  2. Imagine — Let’s imagine the possible solutions. We brainstorm a wide array of possible solutions not just sensible but out of the box ideas as well, ideas evolve when we piggyback on each other and build as a collaborative team.
  3. Plan — We’ll plan out a design or solution and pick the best ideas while utilizing the defined resources and time.
  4. Create — Establish a working model through cohesive teamwork, we’ll work within limitations and follow the initial plan.  We can make changes later. We create and develop a working model.
  5. Experiment — Test and test and document the feedback through notations and reports that measure.
  6. Improve — Revise, modify and improve so that you the desired result is achieved.